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The Voicebot Podcast

Nov 10, 2023

OpenAI Dev Day offered the industry a lot of new announcements and useful features. GPTs offer a no-code ChatGPT customization option for users, the Assistant API provides new features for developers, and GPT-4 Turbo is more capable and less expensive to use for chat use cases than 3.5, and maybe GPT-4 itself. If...

Nov 10, 2023

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown for November 3, 2023 is here. Just when we thought it might be a slow news week, it just pours in. Eighteen stories this week!

Generative AI News

Featured Stories of the Week 🔦

  • Deepfake consumer sentiment - Key findings from a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults shed new light on...

Nov 2, 2023

This week’s Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown covers two weeks of news. Eric Schwartz of and I jammed in 16 different news stories and a few other tidbits in this double roundup.

Featured stories this week include:

  • OpenAI Economics - OpenAI is generating a lot of revenue from ChatGPT Plus subscriptions...

Oct 31, 2023

This week’s Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown focuses more on features and economics than foundation models.

Featured stories this week include:

  • Adobe and Canva show the marketers new tool sets - Adobe introduced a new list of features, upgraded Firefly models and a new text-to-vector-image model that will...

Oct 31, 2023

Here is today’s Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown that kicks off a new month and a new quarter. It looks like October is going to be just as active as September. Featured stories this week include:

  • Deepfake scams more frequent - Recent deepfakes of MrBeast and Tom Hanks highlight the proliferation of deepfake-fueled...