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The Voicebot Podcast

Mar 28, 2021

Tiny microphones and speakers are key enablers of the voice assistant revolution. From smart speakers to smart wireless earbuds (hearables), the audio components make it possible for voice assistants to communicate.

Knowles Corporation is a leading supplier of these audio components for edge devices selling about $800...

Mar 21, 2021

Bahubali Shete founded TinyChef in 2016 (originally known as Klovechef) as an IoT-plus-voice interactive cooking experience and pivoted to an ML-based and software-only solution two years later. That move led to the company's Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes becoming the number one Alexa skill in India for cooking and the...

Mar 14, 2021

Aakrit Vaish is CEO and co-founder of Haptik an enterprise SaaS solution for building conversational AI-based intelligent assistants. The company's clients range from Samsung and Oyo to KFC, Coca-Cola, Club Mahindra, and Zurich Insurance. 

Haptik was acquired by Reliance Jio in 2019 for $100 million. It has a large user...

Mar 13, 2021

Three guests join to share their social audio insights, how Clubhouse is evolving and approaches for using the social network. 

  • Mitch Joel (4:02) is well-known for the book and podcast both named Six Pixels of Separation. He is also a highly sought-after speaker on tech trends.
  • Kate O'Neill (20:54) is author of Pixels...

Mar 8, 2021

Three guests today share their Clubhouse experience and offer several strategies on how to get the most out of the new social audio network. Perspectives are shared from a voice AI tech startup founder, a tech event organizer, and venture capital investor.

  • 5:02 - Monique Howard, Founder & CEO of...