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The Voicebot Podcast

Jan 19, 2023

"The adoption of large language models and generative AI is booming, and I think it began with creativity use cases. And now we are seeing as it slowly moving toward productivity use cases.... and that's is going to be the most valuable trend over the next couple of years," says AI21 Labs CEO Ori Goshen. 

AI21 Labs is known for developing a large language model and using it to develop products such as Wordtune and Wordtune Read. The company is focused on productivity gains for professionals, changing the way we write and consume written text, and providing the means for other companies to build new applications using LLMs. 

Prior to AI21, Ori Goshen was the founder and VP of technology for Crowdx which was acquired by Cellwize. He was the founder and VP of R&D for Tawkon and an entrepreneur-in-residence at Cisco. He has a background in cybersecurity, software development, and big data analytics.