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The Voicebot Podcast

Nov 10, 2023

OpenAI Dev Day offered the industry a lot of new announcements and useful features. GPTs offer a no-code ChatGPT customization option for users, the Assistant API provides new features for developers, and GPT-4 Turbo is more capable and less expensive to use for chat use cases than 3.5, and maybe GPT-4 itself. If you would like a 12-point rundown of the OpenAI Dev Day announcements, check out this summary from Sythedia

Joining me this week are four developers that use the OpenAI APIs and have deep experience in everything from conversational AI bots to RAG-based vector databases. They offer some practical insights into the importance of various announcements and their likely market impact. The guests include:

  • Joao Paulo Alqueres - CEO and co-founder of Iara Digital
  • Michael Freenor - director of applied AI at WillowTree
  • Michal Stanislawek - CEO and co-founder of
  • Tejas Totade - CTO at Ruder Finn

This conversation was also broadcast live through LinkedIn and YouTube. You can watch a five minute super-cut of the Dev Day keynote followed by the developer panel here

The recording was a special edition of the Generative AI News Rundown, also know as GAIN for short. Join us for a live stream discussion about the top generative AI news of the week on LinkedIn or YouTube on Thursdays at 11 am ET.