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The Voicebot Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Niko Vuori is founder and CEO of, a company focused on creating games that you can safely play while you drive. The company's first title is a voice interactive trivia game that mimics a morning radio show and substitutes gameplay for music. Niko was formerly co-founder and COO of Rocket Games which was acquired by Penn National Games in 2016. He was formerly head of product at Toy Talk (which eventually became Pullstring) and studio general manager at Zynga where he oversaw Zynga Poker and FrontierVille which together generated over $300 million in annual revenue. We discuss voice interactive games, why is betting it all on the car, and how you can get people to incorporate a 30-minute game into their daily routine. Niko earned an MBA from Berkeley's Haas School and an undergraduate degree from the University of York.