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The Voicebot Podcast

Mar 7, 2020

Michal Stanislawek has nearly 20 years of experience in broadcast and online media. He co-founded Utter One in 2019 and quickly launched one of the most popular games on Google Assistant in Poland. That along with another title launched in the fall of 2019 serve over 100k users per month. The team has also launched a media-oriented Alexa skill and has a new Bixby Capsule in certification. 
In addition to Utter One Michal is also head of product development at MediaATMOS supporting premium live broadcast video around the world. He was formerly vice president of broadcast platforms at Deluxe MediaCloud where he built an award-winning media asset management and orchestration platform. He has been awarded MVP by Microsoft for two years running. Michal earned a Masters degree in engineering from Lublin University of Technology. 
We discuss how he initially went to market with his voice games, what he learned, and how he is moving forward with advertising monetization and creating new voice interactive media experiences. And, we discuss the future of media in the voice era. Enjoy!