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The Voicebot Podcast

Jul 13, 2023

Host notes - My apologies about the audio quality. We recorded on the road, and the mic setup didn't work as planned. The YouTube video audio is a little bit stronger if you want to watch this week. Also, the conversation and guest commentary is very good, so I wanted to put it out there anyway. In particular, I think you will like the discussion around LLMs and Theory of Mind, generative AI in education, and the potential erosion of generative AI startup valuations.  

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown this week was recorded on July 6, 2023. Some special segments include:

  • Mythical generative AI capabilities. From the theory of mind to general AI to emergent abilities, generative AI claims keep getting proven wrong.

  • The generative AI funding fountain continues to be strong, but we discuss whether some companies are struggling to grow into their high valuations.

  • We also give you a new list of generative AI winners and losers of the week.

Generative AI News

Links related to the top stories are included below for anyone that wants to dig deeper into a topic.

Top Story of the Week

Generative AI Funding Fountain

Generative AI in the World

More About GAIN

GAIN is recorded live and streamed via YouTube and LinkedIn on Thursdays. You can re-watch each week’s discussion on Voicebot’s YouTube channel. Please join us live next week on YouTube or LinkedIn. Also, please participate in the live show by commenting, and we are likely to give you a shoutout and may even show your comment on screen.