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The Voicebot Podcast

Mar 12, 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 is now officially a global pandemic but it has been impacting events where the voice industry has a prominent role for nearly a month. MWC, HIMSS, SXSW all canceled. What other events are likely to face a similar fate? How is the industry already adjusting to new challenges associated with large gatherings?

Peter Erickson and Bradley Metrock run the largest and most popular events in catering to the voice industry globally. Erickson has already had two events canceled due to coronavirus but has online events already on the calendar that are getting a lot of attention. Metrock also had some online events planned but also has the Voice of the Car Summit planned for April. We discuss how the CEOs of Modev and Score Publishing view the current situation, how they are adjusting, and what it portends for the future. Enjoy this special edition of the Voicebot Podcast.