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The Voicebot Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

Voice summit is the largest annual gathering of conversational AI professionals. Voicebot took the opportunity to interview several industry leaders to get their perspectives on the conversational AI market today and where it is headed. Guests include:

- Michal Stanislawek, Utter One / VoiceLunch (6:25)

- Rupal Patel, Veritone (12:57)

- Jeff McMahon, Voicify (18:46)

- Collin Borns, Speechly (25:44)

- Susan Westwater, Vixen Labs (33:08)

- Pete Erickson, Modev / Voice Summit (36:58)

Topics range from the use cases driving the most conversational AI demand today and best practices for voice strategy to whether there is a voice winter underway.