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The Voicebot Podcast

Jul 20, 2020

Peter Durlach started out in Audiology technology in the 1980s and then quickly transitioned to speech technology in 1988 at Articulate Systems which was acquired by Lernout and Hauspie in 1999. He then moved on to lead Unveil Technologies, a pioneer in the contact center segment. Eventually, Durlach wound up at Nuance twice with a brief interlude at the hospital system UPMC. 
Today, Durlach leads Nuance's $1 billion healthcare business which includes solutions used by over 85% of radiologists and 65% of physicians that incorporate speech recognition, dictation, and custom assistants into their daily practice activities. In our conversation, we discuss Pete's three decades in the speech and voice technology, building custom assistants, and where voice is and will be making a big difference in healthcare.