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The Voicebot Podcast

Aug 3, 2019

Voicebot recently surveyed over 300 marketers to determine their enthusiasm and activity around voice assistants as a marketing channel. That report includes 20 charts and 30 pages of analysis and can be downloaded at no cost at In this episode, host Bret Kinsella is joined by David Ciccarelli, CEO of, and Ava Mutchler of for an in-depth discussion of the key findings. The discussion was originally recorded as a webinar and used a format that allows podcast listeners to follow along. 

How many marketers have launched voice apps? Which voice assistants do they favor today and which will be the best long-term bets? What types of voice apps are most common? These and several other topics are reviewed. It's time to go data diving and figure out marketer sentiment and activity in the voice app ecosystem.