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The Voicebot Podcast

Oct 12, 2019

During the Voice 19 conference, I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion of enterprise voice leaders from Nestle, Royal Bank of Canada, and the American Red Cross. We discuss the first multimodal Alexa skill, Nestle Goodness, with Josh Baillon who also reviewed the company's voice strategy pillars of search, commerce, and utility. And, we hit on lessons learned around voice app discovery. Royal Bank of Canada's Ryan Matthews talked about a variety of financial services use cases and the need for continuous voice experiences as users switch between a speaker, the car, and wireless earbuds. He also goes into depth on the organizational structure behind how RBC's innovation lab works across divisions.

Michelle Mullenax of the American Red Cross also discusses her very lean voice innovation organization model and how that has yielded novel skills for blood donation, first aid, and disaster response. The former skill enables account linking and scheduling of blood donations as well as more information around the procedures. All three guests offered an insider's viewpoint on what it takes to bring the idea of a voice app to production from within large, global organizations.