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The Voicebot Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

Dor Skuler is CEO and co-founder of Initiation Robotics. He is a former board director for ClearPath Networks, Senior Vice President at Alcatel-Lucent, and officer in the IDF.

Intuition Robotics was formed in 2015 to reimagine the relationship between humans and machines. The company's first product, ElliQ, is an interactive smart speaker for elder adults. It can respond to requests or proactively engage with users, has a screen, and can move to offer the robotic equivalent of body language. The solution is in beta testing today and the company has been collecting user data before a commercial launch. Toyota also recently tapped Intuition Robotics to provide its Q voice assistant designed for automotive use cases. The company recently closed a $36 million funding round and has raised $58 million to date.