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The Voicebot Podcast

Oct 16, 2022

Anne Spalter is a world-renowned artist with artwork in museums, galleries, and collections throughout the globe. She is known for having created the curriculum for the first university-level digital art programs. That work was for the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University in the 1990s. 

More recently, Anne has emerged as a pioneer in creating fine art using AI-based text-to-image generators. She launched a collection of 501 pieces earlier this year called AI spaceships, which she made into NFTs, and they sold out in an hour. That collaboration was with Night Cafe. Since then, she has launched a new art show which includes a variety of artwork using OpenAI's DALL-E and Midjourney, which are other prominent text-to-image generators. 

Anne offers a perspective on the rise of synthetic media and how it is being received and used in the art world. She also shares some pro tips on how to use the new tools. 

This interview was conducted at the Synthedia synthetic media conference hosted by Voicebot in September.