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The Voicebot Podcast

Apr 30, 2023

Mobile World Congress 2023 had a lot of AI solutions on display. D-ID's Yaniv Levy talked about a new streaming API for its virtual human solution paving the way for real-time and dynamic interactive digital people. 

Don't miss the second segment with SK Telecom's Youngsup Shin. It is about A., (that's pronounced A [dot]), a virtual assistant that is also a personal companion. A. has 1 million users in its beta period, is based on a large language model (LLM), and has some features similar to ChatGPT. 

MyManu is a new hearables headset connected to the 4G cellular network so you can access the internet without your smartphone. It is coming to market later this year and company founder Danny Manu offers us a sneak peek. 

We finish up with Patrick Esslinger, the co-founder of VUI Agency. He shares what his team has learned about voice assistant experience design and how those solutions are evolving.

6:03 - D-ID streaming virtual humans

20:10 - SK Telecom on A. virtual companion

34:15 - MyManu about Titan, a new hearables solution

47:10 - VUI Agency on voice assistant experience design