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The Voicebot Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

As promised, today I have part 2 of our 2020 predictions shows. Today, we take a deep dive into multiple conversations about voice app architecture. This is important because it determines how we develop for voice and what governs user experience. I have three guests today that will break down for you what they expect to change in 2020. 
John Kelvie from Bespoken joins us from Peru and marks a return to the podcast to talk about how "domains" will replace voice apps. He is followed by Tim McElreath from Discovery and Food Network who discusses his prediction about the "de-appification" of Alexa skills and Assistant agents. We conclude with a conversation with Voiceflow’s Braden Ream and his theory about the rise of "intentless" voice apps. 
This episode finishes up our series that brings you insights from voice AI leaders in six countries on four continents. Enjoy!