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The Voicebot Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

For 2020, we decided to have a voice developer-specific year-in-review episode to make sure we spent sufficient time focused on the events that were the most impactful for developers. We were lucky to get three very experienced guests to discuss topics ranging from voice on mobile and the rise of custom voice assistants to voice for customer support, the rise of audio, the hype/utility disconnect, messaging, COVID-19, and much more.

Michael Myers is vice president of product and head of development at XAPPmedia. XAPP has brought more than 1200 Alexa skills and Google Actions live for several hundred companies. More recently, the company has introduced its machine teaching technologies for complex intent models and custom assistant development. Michael was honored as a Voicebot Top Leader in Voice for 2020 in the technologist category.

Also joining us is Voicetech Carl. Carl Robinson is host of the Voicetech Podcast and CEO of Rumble Studio. He has hosted over 80 episodes of his own podcast but this week shares his thoughts as a guest commentator from his home in Paris. He talks a bit about Rumble Studio and its podcast interview automation technology as well as the news of the year. Carl was also honored as a Voicebot Top leader in Voice for 2020 in the influencer category.

Steve Tingiris is CEO and founder of Dabble Lab, a leading developer of conversational AI-based experiences across numerous platforms. Dabble Lab has more than 200 YouTube video tutorials about developing voice interactive experiences on Alexa, Cortana, Twilio, Jovo, and more, with more than a million views combined.  Steve is also a beta user of GPT-3 which we get into today.