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The Voicebot Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

Today we talk about voice AI adoption and trends in Europe for 2020. My guests include Niamh Bushnell, chief communications officer of Soapbox Labs, Dominik Meissner, co-founder of 169 Labs, and Alexis Hue, founder and managing director of Voxalyze. 

The guests provide a broad perspective given that Soapbox offers ASR tech for children in custom voice interactive experiences for education and entertainment, 169 Labs develops voice experiences for consumer brands and enterprises, and Voxalyze has a SaaS solution for voice app publishers looking to grow their audience. 

Today we discuss privacy, whether there is a voice assistant duopoly, custom assistants, voice and media, personalization, voice app developer disappointment, and much more all from a European perspective.