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The Voicebot Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Today’s episode is a compilation of six interviews captured onsite at Amazon’s inaugural Re: MARS conference earlier this month. MARS stands for Machine Learning, AI, Robots, and Space, and it is designed to showcase what Amazon thinks about the future of tech. We have a great lineup to discuss the Alexa Conversations and the cross-skill goal completion announcements as well as innovations on display ranging from neural detection from wrist movements to drone delivery and how we interact with robots. I purposely asked a couple of people to join the discussion that are not part of the voice industry so we could also get a perspective about some of the other innovations that Amazon and its partners had on display.

First up, we have Dylan Zwick form Pulse Labs followed by James Wilsterman of game developer Volley. Third and fourth in line are Stu Miniman from The Cube and Silicon Angle followed by Jeffrey Dastin of Reuters. We conclude with John Gillilam of and Steve Arkonovich of Philosophical Creations. So, we have two long-time developers and voice industry company founders to start us off with commentary about Alexa Conversations. In the middle, we have two Amazon and tech industry watchers discussing topics beyond voice that you may find both relevant and interesting. We close with two developers that taught themselves to code so they could participate in the Alexa ecosystem, have had substantial success with Alexa skills and they weigh in on Alexa and other technologies they saw at Re: MARS.