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The Voicebot Podcast

Mar 29, 2020

Meredith is a media powerhouse that reaches over 180 million people with some of the top brands in publishing including People Magazine, Allrecipes, Entertainment Weekly, Travel + Leisure, Food and Wine, Instyle, Real Simple, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens and dozens of other brands. In addition, Meredith operates 17 local television stations in 12 U.S. media markets. 
Meredith has invested in voice enabling several magazine titles and is expanding support for Amazon Alexa skills. In our conversation, we discuss Meredith’s Entertainment Weekly Alexa skill, the new Real Simple meditation skill, Allrecipes, corporate voice strategy, and more. 
My guest is Rachel Reed, Senior Innovation Manager at Meredith. Earlier in her career, Rachel was a marketing manager at Time Inc. and also worked at Pallisades Media Ventures, Burson Marsteller, and Johns Hopkins University.