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The Voicebot Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

DeFiance Media is a video news platform that provides coverage of decentralized culture, technology, and finance. It was founded by CEO, Marc Scarpa in 2021.
Scarpa is well known as an innovator in participatory broadcasts. He was the founder of JumpCut in the 1990s which was known for producing Woodstock 99, three of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts, and Artisan Entertainment's Blair Witch WebFestival. Earlier in his career, he was the New York Bureau Chief for CNET TV. He also worked for YouTube, Olgilvy and Global Environment Media.
In today's discussion, Scarpa talks about the idea behind launching a new live news media broadcaster, native to the web but also leveraging over-the-top broadcast distribution channels directly to consumer televisions. He also goes into detail about what it takes to launch the world's first  virtual human newscaster, Roxanna. He also goes into detail about what he has learned after 1,500 broadcasts led by a digital persona, and how that complements the dozens of human broadcasters on the network.