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The Voicebot Podcast

Nov 19, 2022

Maaike Coppens is the author of the new book Design Conversationnel published in French by Eyrolles with a forthcoming English edition. Maaike and I first met at an event in 2018 in Paris, and that provided a springboard to discuss how the priorities and expectations around conversation design have changed. One important topic we discuss is the rising focus on task completion for voice assistant applications as opposed to likeability and building affective trust. Much of this is driven by changing consumer behaviors and preferences. 

Coppens is the vice president of design at OpenDialog AI, the developer of the open source conversation management framework. Previously, she was a senior user experience and conversation design consultant for Accor Hotels, Applause, and XAPPmedia. She also worked as a conversation designer at voice-first game maker and is an Alexa Champion.