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The Voicebot Podcast

Nov 14, 2022

John Campbell is the founder and managing director of the voice AI agency Rabbit & Pork, a division of TIPi Group. Previously he was head of performance marketing and SEO at another TIPi agency ROAST. The agency's start was automating the collection of answers from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a variety of questions. That data led to several reports which captured the attention of brands, and from there, Rabbit & Pork began building Alexa skills, Google Actions, and other voice interactive experiences in addition to voice SEO projects.

Campbell goes into some detail in our interview about how Rabbit & Pork automated voice search result collection. He also discusses where voice assistants source their answers to common questions, the strategies brands use today to improve their ranking, and approaches that do not work. In addition, we discuss how the Alexa Answers service works today, how it is evolving, and what that indicates about voice search.

Beyond search, Campbell goes through the differences in building for Alexa versus Google Assistant and how Google's pullback from the third-party Conversational Action ecosystem has impacted how brands are approaching voice assistants today. We conclude by discussing a variety of industry use cases for voice and chatbot solutions.