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The Voicebot Podcast

Jun 7, 2021

Ian Freed is co-founder and CEO of Bamboo Learning, the creators of award-winning Alexa skills for childhood education. As you know, 2020 changed everything in education and Bamboo is filling an interesting gap for in-home learning since 2018.

Before Bamboo, Ian spent nearly 13 years at Amazon. While there he served in the coveted Tech Assistant to the CEO role where he was Jeff Bezos' shadow for a year. Afterward, Freed become Vice President of Kindle and then Vice President of Amazon Devices. While in the devices leadership role, the development and launch of Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Fire Phone all reported up to him. That is some unique insight for you today. 

We discuss Ed Tech, how COVID-19 and quarantine changed education, the early days of Echo and Alexa, and how the market has evolved.