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The Voicebot Podcast

Nov 5, 2018

Heidi Culbertson began her career in mobile technology solution sales for Sprint, USAT and Incode wireless. Her work in enterprise sales often required her to design solutions for companies adopting mobile for the first time. That led her to focus on user experience design for mobile followed by a move into consulting at AT&T and work as an independent UX consultant.

Culbertson was drawn full time into voice in order to help her mother who suffered from macular degeneration. She quickly realized that many elders could benefit from voice assistants and that led to founding Marvee in early 2016. Culbertson discusses voice UX principles and how requirements must be modified when serving older users. She also discusses the Marvee Alexa skill, what her team has learned about elder users and why they are changing the skill significantly to better align with user needs.