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The Voicebot Podcast

Apr 11, 2021

Today, we talk voice-first games, other interactive audio content, and creating voice experiences for the smart speaker, smartphone, and in the car. Our guests have many years of successful game development for voice and on other platforms.

Sarah Andrew Wilson is Chief Content Officer of which is better known for its popular games voice games such as Question of the Day, Guess My Name, and Kids Quiz. Matchbox began building games as Alexa Skills and now also has a mobile app and podcast. We discuss that migration in today's discussion.

Max Child is CEO and co-founder of Volley, a game maker that began with conversational experiences for messaging apps that went all-in on Alexa skill games and now also has a mobile app for its games and podcasts. Some of its well-known games include Song Quiz, Yes Sire, and Popcorn Tycoon.

Doppio Games co-founder and CEO Jeferson Valadares has a long history in the gaming industry for mobile, console, and desktop that included executive roles at EA and Bandai Namco. Doppio is known for its Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant games The Vortex, The 3% Challenge, and Pac-Man Waka Waka.

Rounding out our speaker roster is Niko Vuori, CEO of The mobile app is built for commuters and offers a wide range of entertainment options including interactive quizzes such as the Drivetime show, Jeopardy which includes voice tracks from Alex Trebeck, and other audio entertainment. Niko is another games industry veteran having co-founded Rocket Games and holding past executive roles at ToyTalk and Zynga.